Me and erhu

I’m Amanda Monteleone, an English graduate student at the University of Texas at Arlington interested in nineteenth-century American and Japanese poetry, contemporary Korean literature, and the literature of Southeast Asia.

I use a textual analysis methodology of American and Japanese poetry, chronicling the historical situations of the poems as well as building an understanding of the crosscultural influences on the poets. For example, I compare poetry between American and Japanese women writers of the nineteenth century in order to better understand feminist thought patterns as they emerged during that time period, observing the possible ideologies the writers used from cross-cultural exchanges. Additionally, I seek to clarify women’s social positions in those historical and geographic periods.

In my analysis, I use transnational feminist theory by writers such as Caren Kaplan and Seonjoo Park, and postcolonial theory. My research is intended to contribute to transpacific feminist criticism within feminist literary studies.